Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engines are the first port of call when people want to make a buying decision. Even if they walk in to pick their stuff, they have already done their findings online. More than 80% of those times in a year, they go to Google. Have you Googled yourself? What will your target audience find when they Google your product or industry?

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques carefully;

i. Do a through Website audit
ii. Undertake a Keyword Research for your products
iii. Execute / Propose Technical suggestions
iv. Off-Page Pptimisation
v. Ongoing Optimisation Options
vi Analytics

What will our SEO services do for you?

Increased traffic to your website: Never lose traffic again
Boost your credibility: This happens when your product/name is evident online
Constant promotion: Search Engine (Google, Bing,Ask) can be your friend

Our unique solutions carefully examines your organisation, audits your online presence and propose a customised approach to getting closer to the first page of Google