Online Public Relations

It is not enough to have a website, you need to get noticed, heard and engaged. Even while we are competent with traditional media, some bloggers, consumers and citizeens are wielding more power than brands and even agencies. Do you need to engage our online competence?

Online Press Releases:
Press releases remain a potent way of communication with you target audience, when you want whereever they are. Product launch, community efforts and introduction of new team members, You press releases can be released all over the world

Blogger Relations Management:
Building relationship with your industry influencers is a little more than A-B-C. They have social media as a potent weapon and people will readily liste to them> Essentiall four your product launch and events online curators are essential for any successful online PR campaign.

By leveraging on our experience in both traditional and online Media, as well as our relationship with key bloggers, we can provide valuable exposure to just the audience you need to reach.

Corporate Blogging:
It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to own their voice and communicate directly with their potantial audience – Blogging gives you that platform.

With the potential to demonatrate expertise, build brand loyalty, increase your search engine rankings and to drive sales. Blogging gives us the unique opportunity to build a lasting relationship with our customers.

Need to build an online buzz? Start here.