Mobile Marketing

Do you remember the last time you left home without your phone?
I bet you won’t and those who remembered saidthey felt naked!

If you felt like that, so war you customers – The relationship between them and their mobile devices

are stronger than ever. So to answer the question – will mobile ever be dead?

Naaah! It grows stronger. The chances that your marketing text message will be opened? 90%!

A recent research result from Socialbakers.com say of the 10 top countries with the highest mobile penetration rate in the world, 9 of them are African Countries. We therefore need to recognise the future is mobile and thus pay attention to mobile traffic, mobile transactions and possibilities. The emergence of smart phones, tablets and changing consumer habits have continued to increase the significance of SoLoMo in web architecture, business and marketing strategy.

These tech trends reflecting that mobile and smart phones are gradually becoming the main gadget used to access the internet, all potential customers need to be harnessed. How can we help you in reaching this rapicly evolving audience?

SMS Advertising:
Not only do people open their messages; They hardly leave home without it. If Text message advertising is your way,                                                we can develop copy advertisements and have access to targeted databases that will help your customers reach their target audience.

Rich Media Advertising:
With the emergence of smart phones, visually-rich, interactive advertisements can be sent to your target audience. They can be customised to be flash mobile  screems, MMS messages, clickable ads and trackable results.

With partnership with one of the strongest networks, we can deliver visual, interactive, targeted advertising to your prospects.

We can also help;

  • In consultations in developing your mobile app
  • Develop a mobile-friendly website
  • Develop a mobile application (iPhone, iPad, Android) for your company